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About Us


Together we have overt 50 years of experience in sales, management and negotiations and we use these valuable skills to make sure our clients are making and accepting the right offer. Doug began his real estate career in San Francisco selling all over the Bay Area until 2008 when a career opportunity for Kerstin with Nordstrom bought us back to Honolulu, the place we have always considered to be our home. Doug pursued and built a successful career selling real estate with ISLAND SUN REAL ESTATE PROS focusing on the west side of Oahu. Then in 2013 Kerstin joined what has become TEAM DOUG DID IT.

The Difference

What makes us different from other agents is our shared passion for all things real estate and building long-term relationships with our clients. Showing buyers houses or holding open houses is the easy part anyone can do it! We are here for our clients where a seasoned professional can save you time and money. We will share knowledge about the communities we live in, valuable information to make educated decisions from our experience, and most importantly, help make the process as easy and stress free as possible. Our advice is honest and trust-worthy. Our priority is satisfaction, not commission.


Doug Alston


I have 30 years of experience in sales and negotiation and I use these skills to make sure my clients are accepting the right offer. I’d founded and maintained various businesses in San Diego and Honolulu for many years before returning to San Francisco to pursue a career in real estate. After a successful three years as a full time agent, I had an opportunity to pursue a career with Re/Max Honolulu in Oahu, a place I have always considered to be my home.

My Advice

My advice is honest and trustworthy. My priority is your satisfaction, not my commission. I’ve always felt integrity and diligence leads to repeat clients who make recommendations to others which helps you grow your business. Building a long-term relationship is more important to me than making a quick buck.

The Difference

What makes me different from other agents is that I pull from experience on the other side. I’ve owned and run various types of successful businesses in San Diego, Honolulu, and San Francisco. During that time, real estate negotiation and brokerage was more of a means to an end. I mostly bought and sold houses for myself and my family to live in. It was during these experiences that I discovered that many agents were only part time and did not always have the ability to give me the service I needed. Some agents did not have the knowledge I was looking for. I did not feel I was getting the proper education during the process, nor did I feel like I was getting the service I deserved. I wanted to change that.

The Understanding

As I said before, I have many years of experience in sales which is basically just understanding people’s concerns and filling their needs. I knew that being a real estate agent was right for me because I knew what I wanted as a customer and felt I could just do that for others. I knew that if I listened to my clients, provided them with the education of the selling and buying process they deserve, and made it my priority to put their needs first I would be a successful agent. I stuck to my ideals and they paid off.

The finest compliment I can receive is a referral from my clients, friends, and relatives … thank you for your trust.


Kerstin Alston

Experience: With 10 years of experience with Nordstrom as a Sales Manager, I have brought the Nordstrom way to Team Doug Did It.

Advise: My advise is to make the Buying or Selling process as stress free as possible. If there is to be any stress, it should lie with Team Doug Did it and not the client.

Integrity: I’ve always felt that integrity and diligence leads to repeat clients, and building a long-term relationship is more important to us than making a quick buck.”