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Ewa Beach

Now, prepare to be dazzled! Ewa Beach is one of the fastest growing areas on island.

LOCATION. Ewa Beach is a beautiful, dynamic community blending both established, older neighborhoods and newer modern developments on Oahu’s leeward side, from the H1 freeway to the ocean.

FUN FACTS. This area is rooted in rich history of sugar plantations, horse carts, and railroads. In the late 1800’s, Scot-Irish industrialist businessman, James Campbell, saw the potential and purchased about 40,000 acres in Ewa Plains for sugar production. At the time, he was under much scrutiny for purchasing the dry, barren land. (Sidenote: He married a Hawaiian woman of aristocratic family and had eight children; Campbell and his wife were loyal supporters of Queen Liliuokalani.) In 1890, B.F. Dillingham leased a big part of land from Campbell and launched the Ewa Plantation. By the 1980s the booming sugar industry was starting to bust. Currently, agricultural land in
Ewa is at a minimum.

HOUSING DEVELOPMENTS. Several subdivisions yield strong associations to manage housing developments. Each one includes amenities such as swimming pools, community centers, parks, and applicable rules and regulations. The guidelines serve to keep the areas safe and clean while protecting property value. Brand new communities are still being built providing a variety of benefits and locations.

BEACHES. Refreshing, sparsely populated beaches with a view of Diamond Head and Honolulu with a choice of three locations: White Plains, Ewa Beach Park, and One’ula Beach (aka Hau Bush). Each one yields enjoyable waves for surfing and boogie boarding and is teamed with warm sands for tanning, playing, or relaxing.

GOLF COURSES. Whether you enjoy to take part in time on the greens or you simply appreciate the “green space”, the Ewa area has seven different courses to compliment the natural surroundings of Oahu. Choose from: Coral Creek Golf Course, Hawaii Prince Golf Club , Ewa Villages Golf Course, Ewa Beach Golf Club, Ewa beach golf course, Hoakalei Country Club, West Loch Golf Course. Enjoy the views and the opportunities!

SHOPPING CENTERS. Ewa Town Center, Laulani Village Shopping Center, Ewa Beach Shopping Center, Ewa Pointe Shopping Center

TOURIST SPOT. Hawaiian Railway Society operates 90 minute train rides every Saturday and Sunday.

Ewa Beach is a beautiful suburban area with a rural twist, making one’s residence feel
like a vacation home.