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A home on a mountainside on the west side of Oahu is a beautiful oasis with pleasant breezes and mild temperatures. In Hawaiian, Makakilo means “observing eyes.” Due to high elevation, Makakilo gives a great view of the Pacific Ocean and the city of Kapolei.

LOCATION. Makakilo is near the southern end of the Waianae mountain range and sits just above Kapolei, across the H1 Highway, just past Ewa, and is located about 22 miles from Honolulu.

FUN FACTS. Historically, some sources report the name stemming from the Hawaiian heritage and ancient astronomers? It is told that Kahunas (priests or wise caretakers in Hawaiian culture) came to the peaks to watch the skies by day and the stars at night, divining signs that foretold the future and spoke the will of the gods. Another theory state that the Makakilo area could have served as the lookout location for armies during World War II? Fort Barrette, located in Kapolei, was home to cannons protecting the flanks of Pearl Harbor. Just after the Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese attack, the site was built up and the cannons on were housed in protective shelters on the Makakilo hillside. In the late 1950s, the Army abandoned the site. Nowadays, the community is simply a peaceful selection of homes and quiet neighborhoods, with beautiful views of the land and sea below.

NEIGHBORHOODS. The first wave of housing development began in the 1960s but new homes are continuing to be built. This area offers a blend of both charming, older construction and newer planned communities. A leisurely drive through the neighborhoods will yield a friendly and hospitable feeling welcoming you to the mountainside and all that it offers.

AMENITIES. Since Makakilo is primarily a residential area, most shopping, dining, and other services are located in Kapolei. It takes as little as 10 minutes to get to the first shopping centers where you will find Walmart, Longs, Safeway, and more. In addition, there is easy access to Ko’olina and Ewa via the H1 highway. Not having all the commercial businesses makes for a quieter neighborhood with less traffic.

Are you ready to make your home high atop the mountain looking down upon the city,
observing the beauty of Oahu? If so, Makakilo is perfect for you.